Persistent Volumes on OpenStack

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Another fun way to integrate your OpenShift cluster with an underlying OpenStack infrastructure is through Cinder – OpenStack’s extremely popular & resilient block storage as a service solution. In this video we will review OPenShift storage types, & a straight-forward method for integrating Cinder with our cluster.

Storage in an OpenShift cluster is managed with persistentvolumes & persistentvolumeclaims. A PersistentVolume object is a storage resource in an OpenShift Container Platform cluster, provisioned by creating PersistentVolume objects from sources such as GCE Persistent Disk, AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS), and NFS mounts. Storage can be made available to you by laying claims to the resource. You can make a request for storage resources using a PersistentVolumeClaim object; the claim is paired with a volume that generally matches your request. A PersistentVolumeClaim is used by a pod as a volume. OpenShift Container Platform finds the claim with the given name in the same namespace as the pod, then uses the claim to find the corresponding volume to mount.

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