Building a Network in Neutron

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OpenStack Neutron allows users to create and attach interface devices managed by other OpenStack services to virtual networks. Plugins can be implemented to accommodate different networking equipment and software, providing flexibility to OpenStack architecture and deployment.

View Neutron architecture diagram.

To create a public Neutron network in your environment, use the following steps:

  1. Source the keystonerc_admin file (found in the home directory of your packstack user):
    $ source keystonerc_admin
  • Create a network:
    $ openstack network create --share --external \
    --provider-network-type flat \
    --provider-physical-network extnet public
  • Create a subnet attached to the public network created in the previous step. Optionally, you can set a subnet range with the --subnet-range start=$beginning_ip, end=$ending_ip flag. The --dns-nameserver for your network can be any public DNS provider you prefer or just your network gateway:
    $ openstack subnet create --network public --subnet-range \
    --allocation-pool start=,end= \
    --dns-nameserver --gateway public_subnet
  • Create a router:
    $ openstack router create router1
  • Set the public network as your router gateway to enable external networking:
    $ openstack router set --external-gateway public router1

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