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Managing OpenStack Policies

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Time required: 2 Hours


Manage role policies to prevent users without permissions from creating images.


In this lab, you will be creating a new role and managing policies to prevent users without permissions from creating new images.

Lab Connection Information - UPDATED

How to Access Root:
Start Lab and connect via SSH using the generated credentials, then run sudo -i to login as root.

http://[IP Address]
Start lab, then access by copying SSH IP into new browser window

Username: demo
Password: openstack

Username: admin
Password: openstack


You have been hired as a consultant to analyze the current OpenStack installation at ABC Corp and have been given the following tasks:
- You have been tasked with creating a new role named image_admin for a new position the company has been recruiting for.
- You will need to update the policies for glance so only the image_admin and admin can create new images.

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