OpenStack Lab

Final Practice Lab

We deploy the real environment, you take the scenario-based labs on us. Hands-on, from anywhere, at any time.

Time required: 4 Hours


Complete various tasks using the appropriate commands or the dashboard to prepare for the COA exam.


In this lab, you will be putting your knowledge from the lessons and labs together to complete various scenarios.

Lab Connection Information

http://[IP Address]
Start lab, then access by copying SSH IP into new browser window

Username: demo
Password: openstack

Username: admin
Password: openstack


You are the OpenStack administrator at All Things Games
—You have been given the task to create a new service named Invoices with with the type billing and create endpoints on your current IP and the port 415.
- You have been told to make an accounting project in a new finance domain.
- You have been tasked with creating a new group for the domain named interns with a new role of intern assigned to it
— further you are to create a new user named sally with the email and to add her to this group and give her the _member_ role as well

— You have been asked to make a copy of the cirrus image and place it in /root and call it old image.img
— You have been told to upload a new image named trusty-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img in your /root directory as a private image and to call it ubuntu
— You have been asked to share the ubuntu image with the dnd project and to change the minimum ram to 512

— Create a new key pair for the demo user called demokey in the demo project
— You have been tasked with creating a new flavor called with the 512 ram, 2 gb disk and 1 vcpus and the id of 15
— You’ve been tasked with suspending instance1 in the console project
- You’ve been asked to startup the instance2 server in the console project
— You have been asked to create a backup of instance1 named instance1_backup
- You have been tasked with creating a new server named poker using flavor, the cirrus image and on the public network in the cardgames project. If the public network is not displayed you may need to edit it to be shared.

- Create a new project network in the video project called vids-net
- Create a subnet called vids-net-subnet and attach it to vids-net with the Ip range and a dns name server of
- Set the allocation pool to
- Create a new router in the video project called vids-rtr and add the new subnet to it
- Set the gateway of the router to the public network

- Create a new volume called volume2 that is 2 GB and part of the cardgames project
- Attach volume2 to the poker instance
- Create a snapshot of volume1

- You have been tasked with creating a new container called playersheets and placing a starter file called characters.txt with ‘Character - Player’ in it.
- You have been asked to download a copy of it for verification and to call it characters_copy.txt
- You need to add an ACL so that anyone in the dnd project can access it and only members of the dnd project can write to it.
- The file should also expire on 2018/1/31.

- Deploy a stack called rift-stack in the admin project. Use the cirros image and the m1.tiny flavor. Use the volume1 volume and place it on the public network and call the server rift. Use the test-stack.yml file in the root directory.

Create a network named stores and then search in the logs for the request. Save the last entry of the request to a file called /root/stores.log

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