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OpenStack Lab

Creating a Service and Endpoints

We deploy the real environment, you take the scenario-based labs on us. Hands-on, from anywhere, at any time.

Time required: 2 Hours


In this lab, you have a self-contained OpenStack installation. Use this to follow along with the objectives in the scenario presented.


Create a new OpenStack service, and create the necessary endpoints for it.


In this lab, you will be creating a new service and related endpoints on the command line.


You are the OpenStack administrator at the Pinehead Institute of Science and Technology:

- You have been asked to create a new OpenStack service called data with the type metrics and with the description Data Collection Service.
- In addition, you have been asked to create the related admin, internal, and public endpoints on the URL of the server you're on, using the port 9876 and in region RegionOne.

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