OpenStack Lab

Connecting to an Instance and Verifying Access

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Time required: 2 Hours


Work with the OpenStack CLI to create the needed parts to SSH to an instance without a password and then verify access.


In this lab, you will be creating a new server in the demo project, as well as a new key pair, floating IP, and security group rules in order to verify access via SSH.

Lab Connection Information - UPDATED

How to Access Root:
Start Lab and connect via SSH using the generated credentials, then run sudo -i to login as root.

http://[IP Address]
Start lab, then access by copying SSH IP into new browser window

Username: demo
Password: openstack

Username: admin
Password: openstack

NOTE: Generally this lab should start within 1 minute, however during times of heavy usage, it can sometimes be as long as 20-30 minutes. If your lab does not start within 5 minutes and you do not wish to wait for the full build time, click 'Terminate lab' to stop the build process and try again later.


You are the OpenStack administrator at the Pinehead Institute of Science and Technology:

- You have been tasked with creating an SSH key pair and placing it in the demo project as demo-key.

- You have been tasked with creating a new security rule on the default security group for the demo project to allow SSH access from anywhere.

- You have been tasked with creating a new server in the demo project. The server should be an m1.tiny running Cirros, on the private network, and have our new key pair. The server should be called demo1.

- You have been tasked with creating a floating IP on the public network and assigning it to demo1 and then verifying connectivity to the server.

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