OpenStack Certified Mirantis 100 Prep (OCM100)

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Amy Marrich
Amy was previously a Linux System Engineer on the Platform Engineering Cloud Operations team at Rackspace. She is an elected member of the OpenStack User Committee, a Core Reviewer on the Openstack-Ansible project ,as well as serving as the Chair for the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group and as one of the Mentors for the OpenStack Upstream Institute. She has been working in various positions in the IT world for over 20 years, her experience ranges from management and engineering in regards to software development, linux operations, and cloud computing.


Review of OpenStack and Its Tools

OpenStack Dashboard - Horizon

OpenStack Identity Service - Keystone

OpenStack Image Service - Glance

OpenStack Compute Service - Nova

OpenStack Networking

OpenStack Block Storage Service - Cinder

OpenStack Object Storage - Swift

OpenStack Telemetry Service - Ceilometer

OpenStack Orchestration Service - Heat

Quiz: Practice Exam


This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the OpenStack Liberty release. This course includes configuration architecture, best practices, and component interaction.  This course covers the objectives to pass the OCM100 exam from Mirantis. The course also prepares you for the OCM-50 exam, which is an open book multiple choice exam. We deal with operating and administering preexisting OpenStack environments. Students will learn about the core components of OpenStack. Using both the UI and CLI, students will create instances, networks, volumes, SSH keys, projects, users, and more.

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OCM100 Course Slides

These are the slides used during the lectures for this course.

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