105.3 - SQL Data Management (Special Setup for Remainder of Section)

Length: 00:05:26

Lesson Summary:

NOTE: the commands in this video need to be run as the root user or using sudo

This video will quickly walk you through setting up and configuring a cloud server, lab server, or even a local VM to complete the remainder of the videos on SQL data management. You will have to execute just a few commands to have a database you can query with records. Setup Commands:

NOTE: Be sure to execute these commands as the 'root' user or at the very least, the final command 'setup.sh' command with 'sudo' privileges or your script will fail on the first command for installing packages.

yum install git
mkdir tmp
cd tmp
git clone https://github.com/linuxacademy/content-LPI.git
cd content-LPI/
chmod 755 *.sh

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