Generating the Service Account Key Pair

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Lesson Summary:

Kubernetes provides the ability for service accounts to authenticate using tokens. It uses a key-pair to provide signatures for those tokens. In this lesson, we will generate a certificate that will be used as that key-pair. After completing this lesson, you will have a certificate ready to be used as a service account key-pair in the form of two files: service-account-key.pem and service-account.pem.

Here are the commands used in the demo:

cd ~/kthw


cat > service-account-csr.json << EOF
  "CN": "service-accounts",
  "key": {
    "algo": "rsa",
    "size": 2048
  "names": [
      "C": "US",
      "L": "Portland",
      "O": "Kubernetes",
      "OU": "Kubernetes The Hard Way",
      "ST": "Oregon"

cfssl gencert \
  -ca=ca.pem \
  -ca-key=ca-key.pem \
  -config=ca-config.json \
  -profile=kubernetes \
  service-account-csr.json | cfssljson -bare service-account


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