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In this lesson, we will go hands-on with creating a Bigtable instance, and explore how to resize instances and some basic table interaction. The steps we took to interact with our table via cbt command line are below for your reference.

  1. Install the cbt command in Google SDK:

    • gcloud components update

    • gcloud components install cbt

  2. Configure cbt to use your project and instance via .cbtrc file:

    • echo -e "project = [PROJECT_ID]\ninstance = [INSTANCE_ID]" > ~/.cbtrc
  3. Create a table:

    • cbt createtable my-table
  4. List the table:

    • cbt ls
  5. Add a column family:

    • cbt createfamily my-table cf1
  6. List column family

    • cbt ls my-table
  7. Add value to row 1, using column family cf1 and column qualifier c1:

    • cbt set my-table r1 cf1:c1=test-value
  8. Use the cbt read command to read the data you added to the table:

    • cbt read my-table
  9. Delete the table (if not deleting instance):

    • cbt deletetable my-table

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