Configure Dataproc Cluster and Submit Job – Part 2

Length: 00:14:35

Lesson Summary:

This is the second half of our hands-on demonstration. Command line notes of actions taken in this lesson are below:

  1. Updating a cluster with new workers/preemptible machines:

    • gcloud dataproc clusters update [cluster_name] --num-workers [#] --num-preemptible-workers [#]

    • SOCKS proxy configuration

  2. From the local machine, SSH to the master to enable port forwarding:

    • gcloud compute ssh master-host-name --project=project-id --zone=master-host-zone -- -D 1080 -N
  3. Open new terminal window and launch the web browser with parameters (varies by OS/browser):

    • "/Applications/Google Chrome" --proxy-server="socks5://localhost:1080" --host-resolver-rules="MAP * , EXCLUDE localhost" --user-data-dir=/tmp/cluster1-m

      • Browse to http://[master]:port
      • 8088 - Hadoop
      • 9870 - HDFS
      • Using Cloud Shell (must use for each port)
    • gcloud compute ssh master-host-name --project=project-id --zone master-host-zone -- -4 -N -L port1:master-host-name:port2

  4. Use Web Preview to choose port (8088/9870).

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