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A short learning path for learning about Docker and Containers

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Course: Docker Quick Start (LEGACY)

Duration: 02:27:01 Overview:

Although we offer a comprehensive deep dive course on Docker here at Linux Academy, we also realize that sometimes you just need a Quick Start on a topic in order to begin using it. This course will give you just what you need to know to get up and running with Docker!

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Course: Learn Docker by Doing

Duration: 26:09:04 Overview:

This course is designed to build your intermediate Docker skills.

The course consists of 23 Learning Activities and covers a variety of topics, including Docker basics, container logging, restart policies, metadata and labels, using Docker with Kubernetes, and more.

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Course: Docker Certified Associate Prep Course

Duration: 18:29:57 Overview:

This course will prepare the prospective student to successfully pass the Docker Certified Associate exam. In addition, you will find that the the subjects and materials covered within this course will also equip the successful candidate with the knowledge and experience needed to run Docker clusters and workloads in a complex production environment.

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