Use File Access Control Lists

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Time required: 1 Hours


Use file access control lists.


In this lab, we use file access control lists to add additional security to our server.


1. Check to see if ACL is enabled on the filesystem. If it's not, then enable it.
2. Create a folder called /payroll,
3. Add new user called sue,
4. Add new user called bill,
5. Add new user call evelyn,
6. Create a folder under /payroll called december,
7. Using FACLs to:
- Give sue rwx permissions for the december folder.
- Give bill read-only access.
- Evelyn should have no permissions to access the december folder.
8. su to the user sue. Check the permissions by trying to write a file to the folder december.
9. su to the user bill and try to write a file to the folder december.
10. su to the user evelyn and try to write to the folder december or read its contents.

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