Managing Images in a Repository

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Time required: 2 Hours


Using a combination of Docker and Linux, create a private registry.




In this lab, we will create a private repository and a self-signed certificate for the repository. We will run the repository,  get an image from, and tag this image for use in the private repository. We will then push the image to the private repository. To check the image is there, we will pull the image back down and instantiate a container from it.


1. Install Docker, and configure the service so that it is running.
2. Install OpenSSL so it is available for use.
3. Download the repository image from
4. Use OpenSSL and create a self-signed certificate for use with the registry.
5. Instantiate the registry using the self-signed certificate.
6. Pull down an image from
7. Tag the image for use with the local repository.
8. Push the tagged image to the local repository.
9. Fix the error that occurs due to the self-signed certificate.
10. Push the tagged image to the local repository and ensure it worked.
11. Stop the local repository.
12. Remove the repository image and its data.

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