Installing the CUPS Print System and Setting Up Local Printers

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Time required: 2 Hours


You will be installing the CUPS printing service and configuring (as well as testing) a local printer with associated queue.


This lab will demonstrate your ability to work with the CUPS print service and related LPD legacy printing system as well as managing and testing printers and print queues.


As your shipping company continues the rollout of CentOS throughout the organization, the shipping department systems will need the ability to print shipping confirmations to a file, which will later be placed in folders for each customer and emailed to them.

You will need to install and configure the CUPS print service along with the supporting 'lpd' legacy commands as they may need to manage the printer and will only have terminal/command line access. Once you install the print system, install and configure the CUPS-PDF printer and set it as the default for the workstation.

As a normal user, test a simple print job. Confirm your ability to disable the printer, but allow jobs to queue. Display the queue for test prints while the printer is disabled and make sure you can remove queued jobs. Re-enable the printer and verify it is online and accepting jobs.

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