Install and Configure Red Hat Identity Management Server

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Time required: 1 Hours


In this lab you have a centos 6 server.  Use this to follow along with the objectives in the scenario presented.


Install and configure RH Identity managment server.


Install and configure RH Identity managment server.


1. Install the IPA server on the lab server. (ipa-server)
2. Install Bind and bind ldap on the lab server. (bind, bind-dyndb-ldap)
3. Adjust the hostsfile so that the software will recognize the local server.
4. Install the ipa server.
5. Use the kinit command for the admin user.
6. Use a command on the shell to display information about the admin user.
7. Connect to the ipa server via its webpage and check to ensure its working.
8. Check if iptables is running. If it is, add port 443 to be allowed inbound.
9. Connect the to sites web page. Login and ensure its running.
10. Create a new user using the webpage.

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