Creating and Managing Users and Groups

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Time required: 2 Hours


Create the indicated users and group as outlined in the scenario below. Once created, add them to the indicated groups to complete the environment build.


This lab will present you with tasks related to user and group management. You will be creating user accounts with specific characteristics and adding them to appropriate groups to support the scenario listed.


Your shipping company has recently begun converting the accounting department to the new CentOS desktops you have been working on. The image you are creating will then be deployed to each of the workstations as they arrive.

The cloud server you will be deploying needs to have multiple users set up as each of the accounting staff can use any desktop depending on the day they are working (this is a shared work environment). You will create three users (listed below) and an associated 'accounting' group. Once the users have been created, they will need to be added to the group and a directory created that they can all create and share files within.



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