Create and Mount SAMBA and CIFS Fileshares

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Time required: 2 Hours


In this lab, you will follow the course objectives in deploying and then testing a SAMBA server.


This lab will allow us to install and configure SAMBA shares and test their connections.


You need to create and configure a share for your warehouse team to use on another of their servers. As a result, you have been provisioned the IPs and credentials necessary to connect to and configure a Samba Server (Server1) and a Samba Client for mounting the share (Server2).

Install and configure the Samba server on 'Server1' using any share directory you choose, making sure that the Samba configuration file reflects the share and any limitations you apply to the share itself (disable SELinux for your testing on the Samba Server).

You will then enable and test the Samba Server before moving onto the client (Server2). Once you can verify the service is running on the server, install the necessary client utilities to use the Samba share configured on Server1. Create a mount on the client and manually mount and verify the share before adding a persistent connection via the appropriate filesystem configuration file so that the share is mounted on boot.

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