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Add a New File System to the Server

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Time required: 1 Hours


For this lab you need to use your own Linux Academy cloud servers. Create a CentOS 6 server for use with this lab.


Add a new file system to the server, format, and mount it.


In this lab, we add a new file system to the server, format, and mount it.


Before starting this lab. You should create a new CentOS 6 lab server via the cloud servers tab.

1. Add a new drive to the server.
2. Format that new drive to XFS.
3. Mount that new drive to a folder called /newdrive.
4. Unmount the /newdrive directory.
4. Configure the server so that the new drive will automount when the server reboots.
5. Type in the following command and ensure the mount command works: mount /newdrive

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