204 - Configuring and Managing RAID Devices

We deploy the real environment, you take the scenario-based labs on us. Hands-on, from anywhere, at any time.

Time required: 2 Hours


This lab will allow you to work with and configure RAID devices.


Server configured with THREE additional drives (3 Videos covering these):
1. Partition each drive into (3) partitions (size is optional, limit to reduce rebuild time)
2. Create RAID 5 array with (3) partitions and (3) spare partitions
3. Format the new device
4. Mount the new device in /mnt/raid5 directory
5. Create backup of /etc directory in new array directory
6. Configure array for activation on reboot
7. Cause failure of one or more active partitions
8. Observe rebuild with spare
9. Add additional (3) spares to the pool for the array
10. Observe the configuration changes

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