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Treva Williams
I am an RHCSA 7 Certified Linux and OpenStack sysadmin and content author for Linux Academy. Before starting with Linux Academy, I was a virtualization administrator for 5 years managing Rackspace public cloud infrastructure. I am an OpenStack active technical contributor to the Pike release and am active in several OpenStack, RDO, and Ceph communities and groups. When not OpenStacking or Cephing, I enjoy doggos, candy, cartoons, and playing "So You Think You're a Marine Biologist" on Google.


OpenShift is a Kubernetes distribution certified by CNCF in 2017, for the Enterprise, but it provides so much more than container orchestration. In this course we will walk through the process of spinning up a small dev environment using MiniShift, then create our own Kubernetes Operator using the newly released OpenShift Operator framework.


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