Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containerized Application Development EX276 (EXAM RETIRED) - Prep Course

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Terrence Cox
A veteran of twenty years in Information Technology in a variety of roles. He has worked in development, security and infrastructure well before they merged into what we now call DevOps. He provides training in Linux, VMWare, DevOps (Ansible, Jenkins, etc) as well as containers and AWS topics.



Quiz: Quiz - Containers

Running Containers Locally

Quiz: Quiz - Running containers locally


Quiz: Quiz - Images

Managing Images

Quiz: Quiz - Managing Images


Quiz: Summary


NOTE: Ret Hat has recently retired the "Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containerized Application Development (EX276)" exam. There is no longer an exam/certification on this topic offered by Red Hat. Instead of removing the course, we have decided to leave it published as the topic covered and skills taught are still valid. We will, however, not be updating the course in the future.

The Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containerized Application Development course is designed to teach you how to implement and run services as Docker containers. Through taking this course, you will learn the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to create and update container images and to run and link containers.

Study Guides

Study Guide

The study guide has an overview of docker and its commands. It can help you refresh your memory about docker and how to use it's features. For the Exam you should be familiar with all the contents of the study guide.

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