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Kenneth Armstrong
Kenny first encountered Solaris UNIX while I was in the military, and found out about Linux through the grapevine. He has worked with Linux in local government, fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and by providing training. I have received Linux certifications from LPI, CompTIA, and Red Hat. Kenny has been working with Linux for nearly two decades and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others about the system, and strives to learn more about the operating system every day.


So you have heard that systemd is the new way that services and daemons are managed on a Linux system.  Most of the popular distributions have already adopted it, and now you need to learn how to use it.  Follow along with us as we explore the history of this Linux subsystem and why we have it now.  You will even learn how to use systemd to create your own service files, and see how much simpler it is to use compared to the older init system.

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systemd Architecture

A diagram displaying the various components of systemd.

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