Linux Networking and Troubleshooting

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Michael Christian

Course Introduction

Getting Started

Networking Concepts

Machine Interface

Network Topology

Network Flow

Machine Level Configuration

Network Interface


Domain Name Service (DNS)

Administrator Services and Tools


Connection Troubleshooting

Advanced Use Cases

Port Forwarding

SSH Tunnelling

Proxy Servers

Load Balancing




Final Steps


This course will provide the prospective student with the fundamentals, tools, techniques and use case examples to configure, manage and troubleshoot Linux in a networking context. You will work with tools like nc, ss, tcpdump, wireshark and more to develop the experience to understand networking protocols, addressing, routing, and subnetting. By the end of this course, the student will feel comfortable in working with a large variety of networking tools and configurations to manage complex Linux networking implementations.

Study Guides

Content Slides

Zipped content slides

Sample Packet Captures

Sample packet captures used in the course.

IP Command Cheat Sheet

ip command cheat sheet

Firewalld Cheat Sheet

firewalld cheat sheet

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