(OpenShift) Red Hat Certified Specialist in Platform-as-a-Service Exam (EX280) Prep Course

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Treva Williams
I am an RHCSA 7 Certified Linux and OpenStack sysadmin and content author for Linux Academy. Before starting with Linux Academy, I was a virtualization administrator for 5 years managing Rackspace public cloud infrastructure. I am an OpenStack active technical contributor to the Pike release and am active in several OpenStack, RDO, and Ceph communities and groups. When not OpenStacking or Cephing, I enjoy doggos, candy, cartoons, and playing "So You Think You're a Marine Biologist" on Google.


About This Course

Intro to OpenShift Container Platform

Local Workstation Setup

Installing OpenShift Container Platform

Quiz: OpenShift Container Platform Installation

Exercise: Installing Docker


Exercise: Install OpenShift Container Platform on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7


OpenShift Administration

User Management and Security

Exercise: Configure Authentication with htpasswd


Exercise: Creating Users and Projects in an OCP Cluster


Exercise: Managing Roles


Creating and Managing Apps in OpenShift

Exercise: Building an OpenShift Pod


Exercise: Create and Expose App Routes


Exercise: Scaling Up an Application


Storage Concepts

Exercise: Configure NFS for Persistent Storage in OpenShift


Exercise: Configure OpenShift PV storage


Exercise: Creating a Database with PV Storage


OpenShift Container Registry


Exercise: Deploying an S2I Application using OpenShift Container Platform


Resource Management

OpenShift Cluster Metrics


Final Review

Quiz: OpenShift Components


This course is designed for those intending to sit for the Red Hat EX280 exam &/or for those following the RHCA Cloud or RHCA DevOps certification track. This course will provide in-depth training on managing & using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Study Guides

Red Hat CoE in PaaS Slides

OpenShift Commands Cheat-sheet

A quick refresher of all of the commands you will need to know to pass the Red Hat ex280 course.

OpenShift Workstation Setup Guide

This guide provides full instructions on configuring a 2-node (master, node1) OpenShift cluster using both OpenShift Enterprise v3.5 & OpenShift Origin v3.6.

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