Kubernetes the Hard Way

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Kubernetes the Hard Way


Getting Started

Provisioning the CA and Generating TLS Certificates

Generating Kubernetes Configuration Files for Authentication

Generating the Data Encryption Config and Key

Bootstrapping the etcd Cluster

Bootstrapping the Kubernetes Control Plane

Bootstrapping the Kubernetes Worker Nodes

Configuring kubectl for Remote Access


Deploying the DNS Cluster Add-on

Smoke Test



Kubernetes is a powerful tool for container orchestration. There are many different ways to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster, many of which make the process easier by abstracting some of the details. Kelsey Hightower's open source guide, Kubernetes the Hard Way, goes through how to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster without the use of installers or scripts. While there is nothing wrong with using installers or scripts, this approach gives you a deeper understanding of the details of Kubernetes. This course is an adaptation of the Kubernetes the Hard Way guide. It is intended to walk you through it and provide some additional explanation of each step along the way. NOTE: Micro Instances are recommended for use in the hands on activities.

Study Guides

Cluster Architecture Diagram

This diagram shows the end-state architecture of the Kubernetes cluster that you will build in this course.

Kubernetes the Hard Way Slides

This file is a PDF containing all of the slides from the video lessons in this course. Feel free to download it if you would like to use the slides as a reference!

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