Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect - Part 3

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Matthew Ulasien
I am a technology enthusiast who specializes in helping people and making businesses run better through modern tech, as well as a fan of all things Google. Before starting with Linux Academy, I was a cloud consultant for small businesses, helping them future-proof outdated infrastructure with modern cloud solutions and transform the way they work. I enjoy spending time with my family, playing games (when I actually have free time), and keeping up with modern technology trends.

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Migrating to Google Cloud

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Data Flow Lifecycle

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It is time to focus on the Cloud Architect exam. In this course, we will be filling in the rest of the gaps over what the exam covers, building directly on what we've already learned in the GCP Architect Parts 1 and 2. We will also re-frame previous skills we've learned in the context of using them to solve complicated business and technical problems.

Study Guides

Bastion Host Lesson Network Map

GCP Services in 4 Words or Less (exam items highlighted)

Powerpoint Slides

PowerPoint Slides (post 11-9-18 refresh)

This is the updated PowerPoint/Lucidchart slides and guides for the newest version of the Cloud Architect exam.

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