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Terrence Cox
A veteran of twenty years in Information Technology in a variety of roles. He has worked in development, security and infrastructure well before they merged into what we now call DevOps. He provides training in Linux, VMWare, DevOps (Ansible, Jenkins, etc) as well as containers and AWS topics.


Quiz: Introduction (Section Quiz)

Installation and Configuration (15% of Exam)

Exercise: Installing Docker Standard Edition and Configuring the Service to Start Automatically


Quiz: Installation and Configuration (Section Quiz)

Image Creation, Management, and Registry (20% of Exam)

Exercise: Pulling a Docker Image from a Repository and Tagging It Locally


Exercise: Creating a New Image from a Container


Exercise: Managing Containers (Creating, Starting and Stopping)


Quiz: Image Creation, Management, and Registry (Section Quiz)

Orchestration (25% of Exam)

Exercise: Create a Swarm Cluster


Exercise: Start a Service and Scale It Within Your Swarm


Exercise: Demonstrate How Failure Affects Service Replicas in a Swarm


Exercise: Reassign a Swarm Worker to Manager


Quiz: Orchestration (Section Quiz)

Storage and Volumes (10% of Exam)

Exercise: Creating and Working With Volumes


Exercise: Using External Volumes Within Your Containers


Exercise: Creating a Bind Mount to Link Container Filesystem to Host Filesystem


Exercise: Display Details About Your Containers and Control the Display of Output


Quiz: Storage and Volumes (Section Quiz)

Networking (15% of Exam)

Exercise: Exposing Ports to Your Host System


Exercise: Create a Docker Service on Your Swarm and Expose Service Ports to Each Host


Exercise: Utilize External DNS With Your Containers


Exercise: Create a New Bridge Network and Assign a Container To It


Quiz: Networking (Section Quiz)

Security (15% of Exam)

Quiz: Security (Section Quiz)


Quiz: End of Course Exam


This course will prepare the prospective student to successfully pass the Docker Certified Associate exam. In addition, you will find that the the subjects and materials covered within this course will also equip the successful candidate with the knowledge and experience needed to run Docker clusters and workloads in a complex production environment.

Study Guides

About the Exam

Everything you need to know about the exam.

Container Network Model

Slides discussing the Container Network Model from the course lesson.

Containers Vs. Services

Slides from the Containers vs. Service course lesson.

Docker Engine and Docker Swarm Default Security

Slides from the Docker Engine and Docker Swarm Default Security lesson.

Introduction to Docker Enterprise and Docker Swarm

Slides from the Introduction lesson.

Docker Engine, UCP and DTR Communication

Slides from the Docker Engine, UCP and DTR Communication lesson.

Dockerized Application Communication

Slides from the Dockerized Application Communication course lesson.

Docker Network Driver Use Cases

Slides from the Docker Network Driver Use Cases

Docker Storage Layers

Slides from the Docker Storage Layer course lesson.

Docker Storage Drivers and Use Cases

Slides from the Docker Storage Drivers (Graph Driver) and Use Cases course lesson.

Importance of Quorum in a Swarm Cluster

Slides from the Importance of Quorum course lesson.


Slides from the MTLS course lesson.

Docker Namespaces and Control Groups

Slides from the Namespaces and Control Groups course lesson.

Docker Discussion on Sizing Requirements for Services and Containers

Slides from the Sizing course lesson.

Docker Troubleshooting

Slides from the Troubleshooting lesson.

Docker Cheat Sheet

Docker File - Pieces, Parts and Optimization

The vertical Dockerfile pieces and directives from our demonstration videos.

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