Google Cloud Platform for the AWS User

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Thomas Haslett
Thomas Haslett is an enthusiast of cutting edge technology. Cloud computing, virtual/augmented reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are what he considers "fun & cool". Tom's background includes years of experience creating and designing proprietary business applications, virtual reality game development, and Android app development. Tom currently holds three AWS certifications: AWS Solutions Architect (Associate) AWS SysOps Admin (Associate) AWS Developer (Associate) LinkedIn: Twitter: @thaslett

Course Introduction

Course Introduction

AWS Compared to GCP


Quiz: Compute Quiz


Quiz: Networking Quiz


Quiz: Storage Services Quiz


Quiz: Database Quiz

Big Data and Analytics

Quiz: Big Data and Analytics

Application Services

Quiz: Application Services Quiz

Management Services

Quiz: Management Services Quiz

Course Conclusion

Course Conclusion


Welcome to the Google Cloud Platform for the AWS User course.  This course focuses on introducing an experienced AWS user to Google Cloud Platform, primarily through comparing AWS services to their Google Cloud Platform counterparts.  

If you have questions like, "I use EC2 all the time, what is the comparable compute service in GCP and what are it's main features" then this is the course for you.  

This course does have a short hands-on section to help you create a GCP account and understand how to navigate the console to find and access various services. After which, this course takes a conceptual approach, comparing AWS and GCP services from a feature, pricing, and best use case standpoint.

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