Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect - Part 2

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Matthew Ulasien
I am a technology enthusiast who specializes in helping people and making businesses run better through modern tech, as well as a fan of all things Google. Before starting with Linux Academy, I was a cloud consultant for small businesses, helping them future-proof outdated infrastructure with modern cloud solutions and transform the way they work. I enjoy spending time with my family, playing games (when I actually have free time), and keeping up with modern technology trends.

Getting Started

Core Management Services

Cloud Resource Manager

Cloud IAM

Exercise: Service Accounts and Scopes



Exercise: View and Export Billing Data


Resource Monitoring - Stackdriver

Exercise: Stackdriver Logging View and Export


Exercise: Break/fix application with Stackdriver Error Reporting and Debug


GCP Core Building Blocks

Google Cloud Storage Deep Dive

Exercise: Manipulate Versions of Cloud Storage Data


Interconnecting Networks

Exercise: Create Cloud VPN Gateways with Static Routing


Exercise: Create VPN between VPC's with Dynamic Routes and Cloud Router


Virtual Networks

Exercise: Firewalls


Quiz: Virtual Networks

Compute Engine - Virtual Machines

Exercise: Manipulate Persistent Disks


Exercise: Scripts and Custom Images


Elastic Cloud Infrastructure: Scaling and Automation

Load Balancing and Instance Groups

Exercise: Scalable Website with Instance Groups, Load Balancers, and Autoscaling


Quiz: Automation Concepts

Cloud Deployment Manager

Elastic Cloud Infrastructure: Containers and Managed Services

GKE/GAE Exam Perspective


App Engine

Business Scenarios


Course Conclusion

Final Steps


The Google Cloud Platform Architect Part 1 course laid down a beginner's level of understanding as a foundation for learning more advanced concepts. In this course, we will take a deeper look at many of GCP's services and start to put many concepts together to mimic most real-life business scenarios. Advanced familiarity with these services will be crucial to prepare for the GCP Architect exam.

Study Guides

Slide Deck

Slide deck of all PowerPoints in PDF format.

VPN NMS scenario network diagram

This is the network diagram that shows what we created in the lesson: Deploy a Cloud Network Monitoring Service to Monitor On-Premises Network available here -

Instructor Deck


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