Getting Set Up in GitHub

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Source control is an important part of any continuous integration / continuous delivery pipeline, and git is the most widely used source control tool today. As such, when you are working with a tool like Jenkins, you will frequently need to interact with git. This lesson will give you a basic introduction to git and GitHub. It will also demonstrate how to install git in a CentOS 7 environment and configure it to authenticate with GitHub. This will provide a foundation for the usage of git and GitHub throughout the course.

You can find instructions on installing git for a variety of environments here:

And you can find documentation on setting up ssh authentication with GitHub for various environments here:

Here are the commands used to install and configure git in this lesson's demo:

sudo yum -y install git
git config --global "Will Boyd"
git config --global ""
cat /home/user/.ssh/

Once you have installed and configured git, and you have added your ssh public key to GitHub, you can test the connection like so:

ssh -T

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