The test Module

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The test module provides us with a number of options for testing our Salt infrastructure. Let's take a look at some specific ones.

The function is especially important. If working on any temporary server, especially ones that are frequently stopped, checking that our master can connect to our minions can be a quick, up-front way to make sure nothing at the surface is wrong with our infrastructure.

$ sudo salt '*'

We can also do things like send information to Salt's outputter:

$ sudo salt '*' test.outputter "Hello, World!"

View the current stack trace:

$ sudo salt 'salt' test.stack

Or just output the versions of Salt, its dependencies, and the system itself using:

$ sudo salt 'salt' test.versions_information

Many of these commands are particularly useful in troubleshooting and diagnosing issues, so just being aware of the test module can be important.

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