Remote Execution

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Salt's remote execution framework allows us to run commands on multiple machines simultaneously (although we can stagger jobs, this is a topic for another lesson). It solves the core IT issue of having to either run a command on multiple servers by hand or through writing scripts to perform that same task.

This is done through the use of functions known as execution modules. Execution modules are distro-agnostic* and resemble the following when in use:


For example, let's consider the pkg, or "package," module. This module allows us to manage what packages we have on our server by using a number of provided functions that perform specific tasks. One such function is the install function. As you can imagine, this function allows us to install packages. When it goes to use this module function, we would call it with pkg.install.

So, how would we use this on the command line? Well, let's find out!

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