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We've kick started your Puppet skills, but what's next? Well, you have plenty of options. If you want to stick with Puppet, Linux Academy has a Puppet Certification course, or you could further expand your Puppet knowledge by writing more detailed modules. You can even expand out of the nginx module we worked on! Here are some suggestions:

  • Update the virtual hosts class so multiple vhosts files are generated.
  • Change the static configuration files into one template that can work across all distros (Hint: you'll need to parameterize the nginx user).
  • Look into using tasks to run scripts on nodes.
  • Take it a step further! If you're already using a testing solution like Test Kitchen, see if you can get your Puppet modules to work alongside it.

Or maybe you're thinking Puppet isn't the configuration management solution you're looking for. In that case, check out some of our other DevOps solutions here:


  • Using Salt for Configuration Management and Orchestration
  • SaltStack Certified Engineer


  • Basic Chef Fluency
  • Chef Local Cookbook Development
  • Extending Chef


  • Ansible Quick Start
  • Using Ansible for Configuration Management and Orchestration
  • RHCS in Ansible Automation

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