Implementing a Canary Test in Kubernetes

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Lesson Summary:

In order to implement canary testing in Kubernetes, you need to have a basic idea of how to orchestrate canary pods alongside normal pods within Kubernetes itself. This video will show you how to implement this by demonstrating how to set up a canary deployment manually. This will prepare for the next lesson, which will show how this process can be automated as part of a CI/CD pipeline in Jenkins.

You can find the sample source code that was used in this demo here:

Be sure to check out the example-solution branch to find the canary deployment template in train-schedule-kube-canary.yml.

Here are the commands used to deploy the stable and canary pods in the demo:

cd ~/
git clone 
cd cicd-pipeline-train-schedule-canary/
kubectl apply -f train-schedule-kube.yml
vi train-schedule-kube-canary.yml
kubectl apply -f train-schedule-kube-canary.yml

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