Creating a Kubernetes Cluster

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In order to use Kubernetes, you need to create a Kubernetes cluster. This lesson discusses how to do this and demonstrates setting up a simple cluster with one master and one node using kubeadm. After completing this lesson, you will be able to create a simple Kubernetes cluster that you can deploy applications to.

You can find instructions on various ways of installing Kubernetes here:

Installation instructions specific to kubeadm can he found here:

You can initialize the master node in kubeadm by creating a config file called kube-config.yml with these contents:

kind: ClusterConfiguration
  service-node-port-range: 8000-31274
Then run this command referencing that file:
kubeadm init --config kube-config.yml

Use this command to set up a pod network after initializing the master with kubeadm init:

kubectl apply -f

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