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Elle Krout
Elle is a Course Author at Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments with a focus on DevOps and Linux. She's a SaltStack Certified Engineer, and particularly enjoys working with configuration management. Prior to working as a Course Author, she was Linux Academy's technical writer for two years, producing and editing written content; before that, she worked in cloud hosting and infrastructure. Outside of tech, she likes cats, video games, and writing fiction.


Getting Started

Salt Concepts

Salt Installation and Configuration



Infrastructure Variations

Remote Execution

Execution Modules

Common Modules

Salt States and Formulas

States and Formulas




Event System

Beacons and Reactors

Runners and Orchestration

Salt Runners

Additional Components

Salt SSH

Salt Cloud

Cloud Server Troubleshooting



Practice Exam



In the SaltStack Certified Engineer prep course, students learn Salt using real-world scenarios and hands-on environments. We start by learning some core Salt components – such as execution modules and states – then begin to build out our infrastructure by leveraging various Salt features to not just use Salt for remote execution and configuration management, but also for event-driven infrastructure and orchestration.

This course covers all topics required to pass the SSCE, including:

  • Common Salt execution modules
  • Common Salt state modules
  • Using Salt states
  • Using pillar
  • Managing Salt via the CLI
  • Salt configuration
  • Salt key management
  • Salt security
  • Templating

This course also included a practice exam to test your skills before sitting the SSC

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Study Guides

Interactive Workbook

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