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Elle Krout
Elle is a Course Author at Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments with a focus on DevOps and Linux. She's a SaltStack Certified Engineer, and particularly enjoys working with configuration management. Prior to working as a Course Author, she was Linux Academy's technical writer for two years, producing and editing written content; before that, she worked in cloud hosting and infrastructure. Outside of tech, she likes cats, video games, and writing fiction.


Go from no Puppet experience to writing your own Puppet modules in this quick start! We take beginners and those who have never learned Puppet before and jump right in by setting up a Puppet Server and agent node and creating an nginx module.

As we create this nginx module, we'll learn how to use resource types, provide operating system-specfic parameters, store data in various Hiera hierarchies, and learn some Puppet best practices.

Download The Puppet Project here: https://interactive.linuxacademy.com/diagrams/ThePuppetProject.html

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