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Course Introduction

Getting Started

Extending Ohai

Basic Ohai Plugin Authoring

The Ohai Cookbook

Troubleshooting Ohai Plugins

Enabling & Disabling OHAI Plugins

Custom Resources

Custom Resource DSL

Custom Resource Concepts

Nested Custom Resources and Resource Collections

Chef Handlers

Using Chef Handler DSL

Definitions and Libraries



Knife Plugins

Knife Source Code

Chef API

Using the Chef Server API

Course Conclusion

Final Steps

What's Next?


In this course, you will gain the ability to customize and extend Chef. Following along with the lessons and learning activities in this course will provide you with the experience necessary to be able to add features to Chef and the associated tools. For the Extending Chef Badge exam, you'll need to be able to describe how and why to extend Chef's various tools. You will also need to demonstrate that you have the ability to extend Chef. This course will provide you with all of the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to be comfortable extending Chef and to pass the exam.

Study Guides

What is Ohai?

The PDF export of the slideshow from the "What is Ohai?" lecture.

What are Custom Resources?

The slideshow for the "What are Custom Resources?" lecture.

What are Chef Handlers?

The slideshow for the "What are Chef Handlers?" lecture.

What are Libraries?

The slideshow from the "What are Libraries?" lecture.

What are Definitions?

The slideshow from the "What are Definitions?" lecture.

What are Knife Plugins?

The PDF export of the slideshow from the "What are Knife Plugins?" lecture.

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