Enable HTTP Health Checks

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Part of Kelsey Hightower's original Kubernetes the Hard Way guide involves setting up an nginx proxy on each controller to provide access to the Kubernetes API /healthz endpoint over http. This lesson explains the reasoning behind the inclusion of that step and guides you through the process of implementing the http /healthz proxy.

You can set up a basic nginx proxy for the healthz endpoint by first installing nginx"

sudo apt-get install -y nginx

Create an nginx configuration for the health check proxy:

cat > kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local << EOF
server {
  listen      80;
  server_name kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local;

  location /healthz {
     proxy_pass          ;
     proxy_ssl_trusted_certificate /var/lib/kubernetes/ca.pem;

Set up the proxy configuration so that it is loaded by nginx:

sudo mv kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local /etc/nginx/sites-available/kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local
sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/
sudo systemctl restart nginx
sudo systemctl enable nginx

You can verify that everything is working like so:

curl -H "Host: kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local" -i

You should receive a 200 OK response.

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