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Terrence Cox
A veteran of twenty years in Information Technology in a variety of roles. He has worked in development, security and infrastructure well before they merged into what we now call DevOps. He provides training in Linux, VMWare, DevOps (Ansible, Jenkins, etc) as well as containers and AWS topics.


Let's Get Started!

Core Concepts (19% of the Exam)

Setting Up Your Cluster

Architecture & Generic Installation

Kubernetes Core

Exercise: Run a Job


Exercise: Deploy a Pod


Quiz: Core Concepts

Installation, Configuration & Validation (12% of the Exam)

Designing a Kubernetes Cluster

Exercise: Explore the Sandbox


Hardware and Underlying Infrastructure

Securing Cluster Communications

Making Kubernetes Highly Available

Validating Nodes & The Cluster

Quiz: Installation, Configuration, & Validation

Application Lifecycle Management (8% of the Exam)

Deployments, Rolling Updates, and Rollbacks

Exercise: Deployments


How Kubernetes Configures Applications

Exercise: Using ConfigMaps to Set Environment Variables


Scaling Applications

Exercise: Scaling Practice


Self-Healing Applications

Exercise: Replication Controllers, Replica Sets, and Deployments


Quiz: Application Lifecycle Management

Scheduling (5% of the Exam)

Labels & Selectors

Exercise: Label ALL THE THINGS!



Exercise: Raise a DaemonSet


Resource Limits & Pod Scheduling

Manually Scheduling Pods

Exercise: Label a Node & Schedule a Pod


Exercise: Multiple Schedulers


Quiz: Scheduling

Logging & Monitoring (5% of the Exam)

Monitoring Cluster Components and Applications

Managing Logs

Exercise: View the Logs


Quiz: Logging/Monitoring

Cluster Maintenance (11% of the Exam)


Backup and Restore a Kubernetes Cluster

Exercise: Maintenance on Node 3!


Quiz: Cluster Maintenance

Networking (11% of the Exam)

Node Network Configuration

Service Networking


Deploying a Load Balancer

Configure & Use Cluster DNS

Exercise: Cluster DNS & Service Discovery


Container Network Interface (CNI)

Quiz: Networking

Storage (7% of the Exam)

Persistent Volumes

Volumes and their Access Modes

Applications & Persistent Storage

Exercise: Work with Persistent Storage


Quiz: Storage

Security (12% of the Exam)

Authentication & Authorization

Configure Network Policies

TLS Certificates for Cluster Components

Securing Images

Defining Security Contexts

Quiz: Security

Troubleshooting (10% of the Exam)

Troubleshooting in Kubernetes

Quiz: Troubleshooting

Review, Practice, & About the Exam

Kubernetes Key Points Review

Exercise: Practice Exam


Registering For & Taking the Exam

Conclusion & Summary

Some Words of Encouragement

Final Word


The Cloud Native Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) preparation course will prepare the prospective student to successfully complete the associated exam.

More importantly, this course will prepare the student to use Kubernetes as a tool to solve complex, everyday problems. 

Study Guides

Slides: Ingress

Slides used for the presentation on Ingress.

Slides: API Primitives & Cluster Architecture

Slides that accompany the "API Primitives & Cluster Architecture" lesson.

Slides: Authentication & Authorization

Slides accompanying the lesson "Authentication & Authorization".

Slides: CNI - Container Network Interface

Slides that accompany the lesson "CNI - Container Network Interface"

Slides: Configure Network Policies

Slides that accompany the lesson "Configure Network Policies"

Slides: Designing a Kubernetes Cluster

Sildes accompanying the lesson "Designing a Kubernetes Cluster"

Slides: End-to-End Testing & Validation

Slides accompanying the lesson "End-to-End Testing & Validation"

Slides: Kubernetes Services & Network Primitives

Slides to accompany the lesson "Kubernetes Services & Network Primitives"

Slides: Hardware & Underlying Infrastructure

Slides accompanying the lesson "Hardware & Underlying Infrastructure"

Slides: Key Points Review

Slides to accompany the lesson, "Key Points Review"

Slides: Making Kubernetes Highly Available

Slides to accompany the lesson "Making Kubernetes Highly Available".

Slides: Monitoring Cluster Components & Applications

Slides to accompany the lesson, "Monitoring Cluster Components & Applications."

Slides: Node Network Configuration

Slide/Reference chart for the lesson titled "Node Network Configuration."

Slides: Persistent Volumes

Slides to accompany the lesson titled, "Persistent Volumes."

Slides: Securing Cluster Communications

Slides to accompany the lesson titled, "Securing Cluster Communications."

Slides: Securing Images

Slides to accompany the lesson titled, "Securing Images."

Slides: Volumes & Their Access Modes

Slides to accompany the lesson titled, "Volumes & Their Access Modes."

Diagram: Kubernetes Architecture

A diagram showing the component parts of Kubernetes and how they interact.

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