New Azure Courses (AZ-*)

Earlier this year, Anthony announced that LA team is working on compiling content for a few new Azure courses, targeting the new Azure certs (AZ-*). Do we have the list of courses, curriculum and release dates available for these courses?
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    Terrence C

    Hi Ivan,

    The AZ-100 course was released two weeks ago and is complete and ready to go!

    The AZ-203 course (replacing the announced and immediately retired AZ-200 and 201) will be released along with AZ-300 next week. However, these courses will not be 100% complete. We will be releasing them in 'beta preview' as we continue work on them since we know so many people want to get started in their preparation. They will have diagrams, videos, labs, flash cards and exam but will continue to have components added over the coming weeks.

    After that, we will immediately be starting on the AZ900, the AZ101 and AZ301 exams as we complete the preview courses. We have a TON of Azure stuff underway and coming - so stand by!

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    Ivan K

    Fantastic! Thanks for a prompt and informative response, Terrence, I appreciate it. I look forward to see the new material.

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    Ermin K

    And hey if you have any questions or need help we are all here for you!

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