Generating the Kubernetes API Server Certificate

I'm not sure what value should be used to replace the static IP here CERT_HOSTNAME=
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    Will B

    It should be a long list of values:

    CERT_HOSTNAME=,<controller node 1 Private IP>,<controller node 1 hostname>,<controller node 2 Private IP>,<controller node 2 hostname>,<API load balancer Private IP>,<API load balancer hostname>,,localhost,kubernetes.default

    Everything marked with "< >" needs to be replaced, the other static stuff needs to be exactly as is printed there. So, for example, leave the as-is. The other values are the values for your servers, private IP addresses and hostnames. You can find the values in the cloud playground/cloud servers screen where you set up the servers.

    I hope that answers your question. Let me know if you need any further clarification!

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    Victor C

    Kubernetes uses  You have to include it in the CERT_HOSTNAME variable together with your controller IP's.

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    Ermin K

    Did you manage to solve this?

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