Version 1.5 vs 1.6

I'm currently watching the LPI Linux Essentials course. In the 3th video I hear Kenny say the course is based on version 1.5 of the exam. On the LPI webpage I saw that the current exam is 1.6. What are the diffrences between these two? I want to be good prepared when I take the exam :)

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    Kenneth A

    Hi Mark,

    Basically, they added a little bit of information on the SuSE Linux distribution, basic understanding of what JavaScript, ownCloud/Nextcloud are, and some basic knowledge of how Linux is used in the cloud.

    If you already have a good grasp on the 1.5 content, then skimming some basic details on the extra content will get you up to the 1.6 objectives.  We will work on getting an updated version of this course in the future.

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    Mark K

    Thanks for your reply Kenneth! I will look into the full list and learn the things I don't know at this moment. Thanks again! 

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