Are Quests deprecated?

When I first join in the Linux Academy, there were a menu called 'Quests', where you could join in a series of practical activities and earn badges. If you make all the activity quests, you were awarded for that (if I am right).

This Quest menu was hidden in the Recently, I found out I couldn't locate it, but I had in my browser history ( and I was doing the "Learn AWS by doing" ( and finally finished it. I didn't received any e-mail about that I've done all the steps, although all activities are marked as done. At the main dashboard (/quests/) it shows I have enrolled for three quests and none were completed at the Pizza graph.

So I think maybe Quests are deprecated, right?

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    Thomas H

     @neverping Yes, Quests have been deprecated for the time being.  We are evaluating the platform and how we can improve and support that product better in the future.  We will make announcements when we are ready to bring products back that will be similar. 

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    Willian B

    Thank you, Thomas! At least I could learn something with it! ^^

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