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Fairly proficient in Bash scripting. For my position, I need to learn Python. I'll be doing AWS and general automation scripting. Would it be more worth my while to learn 2.7 or 3? I'm not worried about future-proof because I'll learn the nuances of both eventually, so I'm worried about which will be of more immediate use to me.

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    John M

    Most systems install 2.7 as a default but everything is quickly moving to 3. It really isn't an either/or in terms of learning though. Basic python is the same. The differences come in with all of the third-party toolsets and libraries available in 3. For example, I am working with Machine Learning and the Tensorflow and SCI-Learn libraries require 3. So if you are doing general admin work, you might ask around about the third-party components you will be working on, and if 3 is a requirement, go for that. Either way, when you are getting started, you will waste no time learning on 2.7. The language is the same.

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    Ermin K

    Basics in both versions are fairly similar if not the same, switch to 3.x.x from 2.7 should not be too hard at all.

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    Steve M

    If you're just starting, start with 3.  Python 2.7 is only legacy as of now.

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    Jake W

    Roger-roger. Thanks for the advice, folks. I'm gonna go with 3.

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