Redhat Openstack course query

In Redhat Certified Engineer in openstack course, mentioned pre-requisite is "Linux academy Redhat certified Administrator course". I am not able to find the same. Am i missing something or Administrator course removed?
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    Michael O

    Here is a link to the course you are looking for:

    Hope you enjoy the course!

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    Asheesh K

    Hi Michael,

    The link you shared is for "Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator - RHCSA (EX200) ".
    Whereas in prerequisite, Its mentioned "Linux Academy Red Hat OpenStack Adminstrator Certification prep course"

    and this is prerequiste for "Red Hat Certified Engineer in Red Hat OpenStack Prep Course(".

    On Redhat Site Also "Certified Engineer(EX310)" "Certified Administrator(EX210)" are two diffrent course for Openstack.

    And "Certified Administrator for OPENSTACK" is the one I am not able to find here.
    Hope I could clearly present my case here ;)

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