Nmcli does NOT change /etc/resolv.conf

Hey everyone,

I am preparing for the RHCSA and I am currently having an issue with network.
When using the nmcli command to update the resolv.conf file, well it just does NOT. Not even after reboot.

I am using the following :

nmcli con mod "con-name" ipv4.dns "IP adress"

All the video in the lessons say it should work, but on any system I tried it just does NOT...driving me crazy.

Please help. Thank you.
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    Mohamed B

    I just redid it, and it seems to be working now.
    I don't understand what could have happened when it didn't.

    Anyone would have a tip on how to troubleshoot when not working?

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    Jake W

    Honestly I'd say exactly what you did -- rerun it. And worst case scenario, I'd just edit the ifcfg file directly.

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