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Has anyone come across a list somewhere with all the available courses here?

I am looking to populate a spreadsheet so that when we have some new starts join they are able to go through a list of required materials and will save me a little bit of time in populating the spreadsheet.



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    John M

    Mark, I don't know of any way to download all courses, but we have enabled a new search that I hope you have seen. With us releasing over 200 new learning activities and courses every quarter a printed list would get stale really fast. Also, the cert courses have to keep up as vendors change. Also if you have a team account we can be sure to connect you with your company's account executive who may able to keep you up to date. If you reply to me in this post I may not see it because it doesn't get flagged. But if you open a new post on this subject we will see your request. Also feel free to reach out to me on and I can try and help further. Best of luck. -John

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    Ermin K

    Also we add new courses all the time. So this list would need to be updated frequently.

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    Mark L

    Thank's John and Ermin for your responses most helpful and I have now been utilizing the search function more.

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