container.clusters.create permission

I am trying to create a new cluster in an existing project which already has two clusters up running but I am getting into the follwing issue
 "ERROR:  gcloud.container.clusters.create permission required.

Please help me solve this issue.
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    Noor A

    I solve this issue by doing the following steps:
    The command I used to create a new cluster was: 
    gcloud container clusters create staging-cluster --machine-type=n1-standard-1 --num-nodes=3 --zone=us-west1-a
    which was giving the following error:

    ERROR: (gcloud.container.cluster.create) ResponseError: code=403, Message=Required "container.clusters.create" permission

    after doing some research  I came to know to that I should pass the --project    project-name     with the above command.

    So the new command to create a cluster will look like this:

    gcloud container clusters create staging-cluster --machine-type=n1-standard-1 --num-nodes=3 --zone=us-west1-a --project my-project-name

    This time I got the following error:

    ERROR:(gcloud.container.cluster.create) ResponseError: code=403, Message=Required "Insufficient regional quota to satisfy the request" Requested 3.0 and is short 1.0

    Which is understandable that I don't have sufficient regional quota to create my cluster with 3 nodes,
     so I reduce the number of nodes to one and I was able to create my cluster.

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